Anirban Dev

Anirban Dev

Today when this entire world is fighting with the deadly corona virus, one thing that definitely comes to the mind of each and every individual is none other than Life giving “Oxygen.”How much we need it right now cannot be explained in mere words isn’t it?

Now let’s do a quick recap in “our” lives. By “Us” I refer to the entire “Human Race” that is present in this planet right now. Let us remember the times when we are were busy cutting down trees for gathering firewood and making luxurious furniture in our houses. Let us all remember the times when we used to cut down huge belts of forests just to set up industries for filling up our pockets by slaughtering the children of mother nature. Let us remember the times when we were so excited talking with each other through cell phones that we could hardly realize  how those harmful radiations emitted by the Cell Phone Network Towers affected the children of mother nature like trees , birds etc. Let us please remember the times when we never recycled paper and kept on cutting down trees to make fresh sheets of paper. Let us all remember how we stabbed our mother nature multiple times in multiple ways and the wounds are still so fresh.

Our mythology proves that whenever the amount of sins crossed its highest point “The Holy Mother” took the fierceful form of “Goddess Kali” to destroy and demolish all of them. 

The same is happening with our “Mother Earth” right now. It has tolerated for ages now and still people do not stop hurting her. Now it is the time for the Mother to retaliate and which is happening right now in the form of the outbreak of this deadly Corona Virus.

If we look at it minutely, what exactly is happening to us, we will figure out that we are exactly getting back the treatment of what we did to this nature. We tried to eliminate trees & forests that used to supply us with the life giving “Oxygen” and now the Nature is exactly taking back all those “Oxygen” from us. Isn’t it fair enough?

So in this kind of a deadly situation when Mother Nature has turned hostile towards all of us because of our wrongdoings, it’s really high time we make her quiet or else it will be difficult to restore human existence in this planet. Now the question lies, how can we do that? It’s quite simple, let us try to give back this Nature their children which were butchered by us. Let us try to plant trees and try and help the Mother Nature to recover from her injuries as much as possible. May be if each individual tries to plant trees and bring back the habitat of wild animals and birds, our “Mother Nature” will again turn to be caring and protective towards us as it was before. By doing the above act we can also create some fresh oxygen for people to breathe which is really falling short at this terrible moment of the Pandemic.

Moreover in this healing process certain things are also to be kept in mind such as  reforestation can sometimes do more harm than causing benefits. For eg we should be careful about what kind of forest we are trying to grow and in which area we are trying to grow it back. If we try to create a forest belt in an area which never had forest in it , it actually can do more harm than doing any good. As most of the forests grow naturally in respect to the climatic and other conditions of the place , it is not possible to grow similar kind of a thing with human or artificial hands. But with deep study and thorough analysis of various aspects of this diverse ecosystem, we can do some effective reforestation.

After we have lost a huge forest belt the next thing that we are in the process of losing is our wetlands because of various human activities like poaching, illegal fishing, sand smuggling etc. As these wetlands are a home to millions of migratory as well as resident birds there is a growing need to conserve and protect them.

Another great threat to our eco system is that most of the wild birds are getting extinct because people are hunting them down for eggs and flesh which has to be stopped immediately and effective measures should taken for the same. Moreover we need to increase our awareness on how to protect the eggs of the wild birds during the time of their reproduction.

To sum up I would just like to state that this Ecosystem is very diversified as the creator has created various living beings as tiny as an ant to as huge as an Elephant, but the most interesting part is the almighty has paid equal attention to all the creatures in this cosmos and has differentiated between them. Therefore we should always remember that our primary role is to contribute in the balance of this ecosystem as other creatures do. Believing that this cosmos is “Human Centric” is the most stupid thing we can ever consider.