Activities and Achievements

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A brief reflection of Activities and Achievements of Nature’s Beckon is given below:

  1. Conservation of Golden Languar and their habitats

This was one of the most successful projects implemented by Nature’s Beckon. The project has been successful in protecting and preserving Golden Languars and their habitat at Chakrashila Hill Forests.

Nature’s Beckon was instrumental in raising the status of Chakrashila to that of a Wildlife Sanctuary. Chakrashila is the only protected habitat(Sanctuary) of the Golden Languar all over the world. The efforts of Nature’s Beckon to save the Golden Languar of Chakrashila started in the year 1983 and continued for 12 years, till 1995.

2. Declaration of biodiversity rich areas into Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks

Nature’s Beckon has been instrumental in declaration and up-gradation of many biodiversity-rich forests- From Chakrashila to Dehing Patkai.

3. Creating(Building up) a social change among the common masses

One of the biggest success of Nature’s Beckon has been creating a social change among the people of Assam and the other NE States, thus instilling the ideas of nature conservation among the general masses. It is due to this change that the people of Assam and the other NE States have been involved in various conservation work locally and at non-locally irrespective of Protected Areas(Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks).

4. Rainforest Conservation Movement of Assam

This is the first and only rainforest conservation movement in Assam. It was started by Nature’s Beckon in the early 1990s. The movement aimed to legally protect 500 of contiguous rainforest area in the Dibrugarh-Tinsukia District. It was due to the movement and efforts taken by Nature’s Beckon that the – ‘Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary’ an area of 111.19 area was born(declared a Wildlife Sanctuary) in 2004. The movement for complete protection of the 500 of contiguous rain forest covering Joypore RF, Upper Dihing RF and Dirok RF still continues.

5. Curbing of Wildlife Crime

For Nature’s Beckon’s Efforts, Wildlife Crime has been reduced significantly.

6.Baseline Surveys of Protected Areas of North East India

Under this project, baseline survey of protected areas started in the year 1989 and has been continuing till date. Under this project, baseline survey has been completed at Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary, Manas National Park, Dibru saikhowa National Park, Panidihing Wildlife Sanctuary, Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary and Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary.

7. Baseline Surveys of Biodiversity Rich Areas

Nature’s Beckon conducts and has conducted numerous baseline surveys of biodiversity-rich forest areas and wetlands which the organization feels requires protection.

8. Environment Education in Schools and Colleges

Nature’s Beckon imparts environmental education in schools and colleges and organizes slide shows, pictorial exhibitions, popular talks, games etc in the schools and colleges of Assam and North East India. Teachers and Educators are also given training in environmental education so that they can, in turn, give further environmental education to their students. This initiative was first taken by Nature’s Beckon in the year 1992 and has been continuing till today.

9. Village Sanctuary

Nature’s Beckon encourages and works for the creation and development of ‘Village Sanctuary’. In a Village Sanctuary, it is the people of a village who works and protects their forests and prevents its destruction. They are also able to use the forest for their minimalistic needs, and also provides protection from commercial damage. For Eg: Chola Village Sanctuary, which is the first formal Village Sanctuary of Assam

10. Nature for Children

Nature’s Beckon started this initiative where children are educated about the environment, conservation and its philosophies and are taken to the forest through this process. The organization believes in the importance of children’s involvement and education for a better future from an environmental perspective.

11. Mobile Exhibition for Wildlife Conservation

Nature’s Beckon conducts various mobile exhibitions across various regions of Assam and North-East India with an aim to conserve wildlife and biodiversity.

12. Awareness through regional and indigenous languages

Nature’s Beckon believes indigenous and local people’s participation in the field of habitat and biodiversity conservation. Nature’s Beckon has created many environmental educational materials in regional languages of Assam and the other NE States, thus putting away the gap between conservation and educational materials in the indigenous language and other languages such as English.

13. Bihu Charai Ganana

Bihu is one of the greatest social festival of Assam. Nature’s Beckon took initiative to organize the hobby of identifying and counting birds by the people of Assam during Bihu festival. This is popularly known as Bihu Charai Ganana which means counting of birds by the people of Assam during Bihu Festival. This counting of birds during Bihu festival has become very popular throughout the state of Assam. People in hundreds used to take part in Bihu Charai Ganana. They have learnt to love the avifauna by protecting their nests and habitat. Bihu Charai Ganana was started in the year 2001 with great zeal.

14. Youth Training

Nature’s Beckon since its inception has been giving expert and qualified training to the Youths of Assam and NE who in turn have trained others in the micro-level.

15. Bird watching Activities and Bird Conservation

Nature’s Beckon has been deeply involved in bird watching and bird conservation since its inception. It has been successful in conserving many birds and bird habitats and creating awareness among general masses.

16. Brahmaputra Barak Valley Natural Environmental Awareness Campaign.

This was the first all Assam environmental campaign ever organized in Assam. Through this campaign Nature’s Beckon was successful in motivating the youth of Assam to save the rich wildlife of the state. After this campaign, several nature clubs were formed throughout the state and wildlife conservation and the movement took its firm root in Assam. This campaign was organized in the year 1988.

17.Save Hoolock Gibbon and their Habitats

Under this project, all the habitats of Hoolock Gibbons in Assam have been identified and steps have been initiated for their preservation. This project started in 1996.

18. Making Educational Materials

Many educational materials are made by Nature’s Beckon in the form of slideshows, photographs, magazines, booklets, leaflets, books etc. to make people aware and bring people’s participation in the conservation movement of Assam and North-East India

19. Conservation and Awareness Drive for Five Big Mammals

This project creates awareness for the conservation of Elephant, Tiger, Gaur, Water Buffalo and Rhinocerous during the year 1996. This project is still continuing.

20. Rainforest Conservation and Livelihood Support Programmes(1996-99)

21. All Assam Wild birds Preservation Campaign

Through these project, efforts have been initiated to preserve the wild birds of Assam through people’s Participation. The project commenced in the year 1990 and is still continuing.

22. Community Conservation Programmes for Non-Human Primates of Assam 1999

23. Wild Bird Survey of the Rainforest of the proposed Joydehing Wildlife Sanctuary 2000-2001.

24. Conservation of Hoolock Gibbon and Rainforest Biodiversity through Community Participatory approach

25. Networking

Nature’s Beckon has been successful in organizing an excellent network in Assam among the environmental activists, village workers, village chiefs(Gaoburahs), NGOs, voluntary organizations and government agencies. The cohesiveness of this network is maintained by Nature’s Beckon by organizing meetings and various other means.

26. Conservation of Non-Human Primates:

Nature’s Beckon has been involved deeply in the conservation of non-human primates of Assam and NE India. The organization has been doing that by undertaking a holistic habitat conservation approach and creating awareness.

27. Creating awareness and conservation through Photography.

Many of our volunteers of Nature’s Beckon are expert photographers. They have created awareness among general masses by means of photography, videography and other mass media.

28. Wildlife Conservation Efforts in Arunachal Pradesh

Nature’s Beckon tirelessly works for wildlife and biodiversity conservation by undertaking various activities with a special focus on Arunachal Pradesh.

29. Conservation and Protection Drive for the Non-Human primates of Assam

A mass awareness campaign for the protection of nonhuman primates started in Assam under this project in the year 1992 and is still continuing. Nature’s Beckon has been involved deeply in this cause. The organization has been doing that by undertaking a holistic habitat conservation approach and creating awareness.

30. Nature Camps

Nature’s Beckon organizes Nature Camps where many activities take place such as birdwatching, jungle trekking, mammal watching, survival training, forest studies, etc.

31. Eco-tourism

Nature’s Beckon encourages and works for the development of eco-tourism in Assam and North-East India.

32. Basic Training for Jungle Trekking

Nature’s Beckon organizes a well-known certificate training called- ‘Basic Training for Jungle Trekking’ which is aimed at teaching members/participants on how to survive in the jungle,what should be the attitude in the jungle,and how to study wildlife and work with forest and forest fringe villagers of the country.