A few valuable letters,messages and other documents

In our old files,we had some appreciation letters,recommendations and messages in view of the work done by Nature’s Beckon. These letters reflect the glory and hardwork put in by the organization. We feel that it should reach people,especially the younger generation. Thus, we put forward few of such letters and messages from our old archives so that it serves as a source of inspiration,especially the young minds to protect the environment.

Scroll down to view a few of the valuable letters,messages regarding Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary and Rainforest Conservation movement of Assam or click here.

Scroll down to view a few of the newspaper cuttings of 2001 regarding Rainforest Conservation Movement of Assam or click here.

In our old archives,we had some valuable letters and documents regarding Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary and the Rainforest Conservation Movement of Assam.
We have many more such valuable documents,which we will put up later on at appropriate times in due course.
Today we put forward a few of such important letters for the world too see. These letters apart from reflecting the hardwork and efforts put in by the organization
since more than a decade will also encourage young people to conserve our valuable forests.

The Rainforest Conservation Movement for the legal protection of the rainforests of Upper Assam started in the 90s and it has been more than a decade
of this movement which is still continuing. We hope will be able to give full protection to our amazing rainforest of Upper Assam. The photos of these documents are given below: 

The first rainforest conservation movement of Assam which was spearheaded by Nature’s Beckon started in the early 90s. 

In our old archives, we had some newspaper cuttings of 2001,which is almost 20 years back regarding rainforest conservation movement of Assam. The Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary was not declared by then and the movement was at its peak. Later this movement led to the birth of Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary in 2004. The protection of our rainforests is still contextual today. We shall always keep working and keep working protecting all our our rainforests. 

We put up a few of such paper cuttings of 2001 of the rainforest conservation movement for our new members,well wishers and supporters. 

The few newspaper cutttings(of concern) are given below: