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Anirban Dev

Anirban Dev

I still remember my childhood in Tinsukia, Assam where there were no so called “Tall Apartments” and most of the people lived in “Assam type Houses.” During my childhood I could hardly remember if I could see any tall apartments. In the morning when I used to wake up I could see flock of birds like sparrows, Myna’s surrounding in the courtyard of my house as well as my neighbor’s house, but sadly now days that kind of a scenario can be rarely seen.

One of the main causes that gave rise to this issue is that, these days people prefer to live in tall apartments with no land adjacent to it. The open land that used to surround the houses is now replaced with parking lots for vehicles in the ground floor of the apartments. As a result of everything being cemented there is no scope of growing trees which is the natural shelter of millions of birds. We are building tall and luxurious apartments to live comfortably but we do not realize that we are destroying the natural shelters of millions of birds which are also a part of the Ecosystem.

Gone are those days when during the month of April we could spot a “Cuckoo bird in the open stretch of land in your premises. Moreover people often do not realize that it is much more relaxing and peaceful to sit under the shade of tree during a hot sunny day rather that chatting with each other under the shed of a Parking lot.

Not only are “Tall Apartments” affecting the habitat of birds but nowadays people are almost forgetting that they could grow some fresh vegetables in a piece of land surrounding them or may be plant a tree that will bear fruits.  Just imagine how wonderful this world would be if we are surrounded by greeneries all around.

If every individual had plenty of open land not only could they grow trees and plants but also they could breed animals and birds that could produce some fresh animal & bird byproducts such as Milk, Eggs etc.

Just imagine waking up in the morning and plucking a fresh orange from a tree that you have grown in your premises, making a glass of juice with it and then frying an omelet with couple of eggs that your hen had laid. Can you imagine a better and healthy breakfast than this, I do not think so.

The main problem with the people these days is that they have grown a habit of “acceptance” to all the artificial and manmade things and don’t tend to put much effort to get accustomed to organic and natural things by conserving and protecting this Mother Nature which will finally benefit them.

Most interestingly it is a proven fact that no human being in this planet will chose an artificial product in place of an organic and natural product but the problem is people are so busy in their day to day lives that they are not ready to even put a minimum effort to adopt an organic way of living life.

After all let us not forget our past that there was a time during Stone Age when human was highly dependent on nature for their existence. The only food eaten was vegetables grown and various animal products. It is definitely not possible for us to go back to the Stone Age but at least as a son of this mother nature it is the responsibility of every human being on this planet to protect, conserve and enrich mother nature.

Therefore through this article I would request everyone to at least try and plant a small tree or at least grow some fresh vegetables and lead a healthy and organic life.


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