Axomor Aranya Abhayaranya aru Rashtriya Udiyan

The first Assamese Coffee Table book on eco - tourism and Biodiversity conservation in Assam

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Novanita Sharma

Axomor Aranya Abhayaranya aru Rashtriya Udiyan, the much-awaited coffee table book by renowned environment activist and writer Sri Soumyadeep Datta was inaugurated by Assam Tourism Development Cooperation in a formal function at Guwahati, Assam on 22nd February, 2022. The book was inaugurated by dignitaries and well-known names from the world of Assamese literature which includes Sri. Basistha Bujarbaruah (eminent social worker & intellectual), Padma Sree Ajoy Dutta (eminent social worker), Smt. Anuradha Sarma Pujaree (eminent writer & Editor), Sri. Bipul Deuri (eminent writer), Sri. Rupam Baruah (Senior journalist & Editor), Sri. Rituparna Barua (Chairman – Assam tourism development cooperation), Smt. Madhumita Bhagawati (Director – Assam Tourism) and Sri. Dilip Das (Vice Chairman, Assam Tourism Development Cooperation). The function was attended by a host of luminaries like Dr. Jagadindra Roy Chowdhury (educationist & writer), Dr. Atanu Chowdhury (educationist), Sri. Indrajit Dutta (writer) and senior journalists of this region like Sri. Pronoy Bordoloi and Sri. Nava Thakuria along with other journalists & media representative from prominent media houses and members / supporters of Nature’s Beckon. This book is been published by Nature’s Beckon with sponsorship from Oil India Ltd. This book is been dedicated to one of India’s most respected statesmen and former Prime Minister of India, Atal Behari Vajpayee, it also carries a special message from the Honorable Chief Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma. The book carries messages from the Honorable Forest minister, Sri. Parimal Suklabaidya, the Honorable Chief of Bodoland Territorial Council, Sri. Pramod Boro, the Honorable Secretary of Publication Board Assam, Sri. Promod Kalita and the Honorable Chairman & Managing Director of Oil India Ltd, Sri. S. C. Misra.

Axomor Aronya, Abhayaranya aru Rashtriya Udiyan is the first coffee table book in Assamese language about biodiversity conservation and eco-tourism in Assam. It comprises of more than 300 coloured pages which provides authentic information regarding flora, fauna, ecology and other tourist relevant information regarding the 19 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 7 National Parks of Assam. This includes information about the two recently formed National Parks of Assam viz. Dihing Patkai NP and Raimona NP.  Adorned with excellent photographs, this is the first coffee table book which provides the best representation of all protected areas of Assam to its readers. It includes checklists of birds and mammals found in the protected areas of Assam. It also includes the first published protected areas map of Assam in Assamese language, showing all wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Assam. The exquisite cover design of the book represents two unique conservation success stories of Assam. The Golden langur represents the successful conservation of endemic Golden Langur and its habitats in Western Assam and the Hoolock Gibbon represents the successful conservation of endangered Hoolock Gibbon and its habitat in the eastern corner of Assam. These two incredible conservation stories constitute the illustrious journey of Nature’s Beckon marked with unstinted advocacy and effective environment activism spanning from the community driven protection of Chakrashila WLS to the resolute rainforest conservation movement for protection of the Dihing Patkai NP. These also represents the two most remarkable models of effective people’s participation in the history of biodiversity conservation in India. This coffee table book elucidates this evolution of biodiversity conservation movement in India which has been successfully led by the continuous drive of forest conservation created by Nature’s Beckon in Assam and NE India. The growing network of protected areas in Assam in the recent years testify the change in social and political will due to the palpable change of public psyche towards forest protection and biodiversity conservation. This book is a hallmark of the undying spirit of Nature’s Beckon for effective forest and biodiversity conservation in Assam and NE India.

Assam and NE India with its breath-taking wilderness and natural bounty is an ideal destination for wildlife and nature lovers from across the world. This creates a huge eco – tourism potential for this region. This book is a landmark book in this regard, first of its kind, the coloured pages and relevant information of this book conveys the pulse of wild Assam in the best possible way to its readers. This is a rare chance for people of Assam to take a closer look on the rich wilderness of their land and share it with the world through these beautiful pages. It is a step ahead in popularising the rich repository of biodiversity nestled in the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Assam. A delightful collector’s edition; this book will add grace to every book – collection, be it for tourism, education or entertainment.

This book is penned by Sri Soumyadeep Datta, the Director of Nature’s Beckon. Sri. Datta is a well-known name in the field of wildlife conservation, he is an Ashoka fellow and one of the finest environment activists of India. He’s progressive leadership has given a new direction to biodiversity conservation movement in India. This book reflects the dynamic philosophy of his leadership which has successfully led the biodiversity conservation movement of Assam and NE India for the past 3 decades without fail.  Sri. Datta is an acclaimed writer who has contributed approximately 50 books till date. He’s books belonging to varied genre includes several invaluable books related to environment, wildlife, biodiversity and forest conservation. He is one of the pioneers in modern day nature – literature of India, his priceless work in this field sets precedence for popular nature – literature not only in Assam but is an encouragement for nature – based writings across India. Axomor Aranya Abhayaranya aru Rashtriya Udiyan sets a benchmark for quality nature literature in Assam and rest of the country. This book is undeniably one of the greatest contributions to the world of green/ nature literature, a milestone for Assamese literature and immense inspiration for forest/wildlife lovers.